Cat#: 4WCLCD1-500
Release Date: November 22nd 2011

01. Me
02. Pencil Pimp
03. The One
04. See Me Feel Me
05. Eternally Yrs
06. Yuh Nuh See
07. Breezin
08. Hold On
09. Carrot Man
10. Outside

Press Release

Hot on the heels of their sophomore EP Fleur (January 2011) and their Love Pressure Remixed EP (August 2011), the two New Yorkers known as Sepalcure released their highly-anticipated debut full length through Hotflush Recordings at the end of November 2011.

Working together in what can only be described as a joyous collaboration, Travis Stewart and Praveen Sharma utilized the broader canvas of the album format to take their collaborative process to a new level, incorporating a strikingly diverse and, it must be said, very American set of influences into the bass-based framework of their sonic delights. The duo have long been at the forefront of an ever-expanding bass music scene in New York - not only through their DJ and live performances, but also through Praveen's community-oriented bass music website Percussion Lab (which also presents events). Additionally, the duo have been prolific on solo projects. Stewart now spends significant periods of time in Berlin. This summer he released a much heralded Machinedrum album Rooms on Planet Mu. Over on our side of the Atlantic, proud New Yorker Sharma (who, by the way, has no plans to move to Berlin) let loose a flurry of EPs under the alias Braille on Hotflush and Rush Hour. Both the Machinedrum and Braille releases reflect the impact of the frenetic, paranoid rhythms of the modern Chicago and the return to vogue of music deeply embedded in the core of his city - House music. Together as Sepalcure, both artists add a crucial sense of emotional intelligence, melodic sensuality and a dynamic passion that defines their unique sound. Their music is caught between detailed and intelligently gathered histories of dance music movements in New York, Chicago, Berlin and London and it's also free of them all - in the end, their sound is their own, created with a fervent commitment to the hear & now. Like New York itself, this is a record where new doors open to surprising worlds, where the full range of delights is both easily acknowledged and highly addictive.

Opening with Me, a clear statement of intent that brings to mind early Metalheadz-era Alex Reese and Waxdoctor tunes within a fresh 2011 beat dynamic, the album continues its rhythmic and soulful attack on Pencil Pimp which drops abandoned melancholic soul into a burnt out etheral city that isn't Detroit. The Bronx? Brooklyn? Queens? New York while we waited for Hurricane Irene? No surprise then that this is slated to be the first single from the album. Tribalisms on The One echo Zanzibar-era New Jersey Black House before it came over to Madhattan and stormed the world. On See Me Feel Me you can hear Sharma's IDM roots but Stewart has clearly helped him take a trip down to Philly for a bit of what can only be dubbed as an East Coast urban love fest. With Hip Hop mutating towards electronic music it wouldn't be a surprise to hear a big league rapper biting this soon. Eternally Yrs continues what is surely a romantic core in this album - it's a burbling update of the ravehouse sound, with processed vocals rubbing up against woodblock beats and a relentlessly bouncing bassline. Yuh Nuh See takes a bite out of juke’s trademark staccato bass and looping vocals, washing the tension away with lush melodies and dubbed out atmospherics. Breezin indicates an ease but is in fact one of the more bass-heavy tunes on the album, bringing to mind a crowded beach in the Bronx where everyone is playing something different on their boombox - it's Nigeria, Harlem and other undisclosed sources of wonder trapped in summer heat. Hold On gets even more Jamaican - did we just enter a Soundclash? if so, this one is especially blissful. Carrot Man lets us know Model 500, UR and Carl Craig's dystopian landscapes still continue to inspire. while the finale Outside sounds like the duo captured the elation of finishing the album and walking outside after weeks in a dark and sweaty studio. Sophisticated, yes, but accessible too. Emotional, yes, but fun as well. Simply titled Sepalcure this album is a bold statement from two artists rising to the top of their game.

In 2011 Stewart and Sharma took the Sepalcure live act to SXSW, Miami Winter Music Conference, Unsound Festival New York, and Britain’s Big Chill festival, as well as a host of other events across Europe and America. Next, the duo appeared at Unsound Krakow in October, after which they' debuted a new Sepalcure Live A/V set at Mutek: Mexico City, expanding the themes of their album art for the first time in a live setting. They followed that up with the NYC debut of the A/V show in early November, and live dates in London and Berlin. Late December the duo performed Live, non A/V, shows in New York. San Francisco and Portland. In February 2012 the duo are touring in Europe.

A new single will be released in April 2012 - info on right hand side.

Pencil Pimp Video above

Non-album track "I'm Alright" (Bside to single "Pencil Pimp"
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What The Press Are Saying

AMAZON Best Dance & Electronic Music of 2011 - #1 slot
iTUNES Best Electronic 2011
PITCHFORK Top 50 albums of 2011
XLR8R Best of 2011
RCRD LBL Best of 2011
HYPE MACHINE Top 5 new artists of 2011
KCRW Artists You Should Know
CAPITAL Best of New York 2011
METACRITIC 90 out of 100 rating

Feel the depth of Sepalcure’s music, feel its volume, its soft edges, its gelatinous core... The differing inputs don’t destabilize this winning album, which is mannered but also vibrant.” NEW YORK TIMES

Sepalcure has reversed the normal course of musical migration and made waves in a style known to this point as being anything but American.” WALL ST JOURNAL

New York duo Sepalcure prove that there's more to American dubstep than mosh pits and mash-ups... From ambient juke to haunting, slo-mo house, their debut album kicks and caresses in equal measure.” SPIN

one of the year’s finest full-lengths” SELF TITLED

It’s unlike any other dance record we’ve heard this year.” E MUSIC

If you haven't heard the new LP from Sepalcure yet, what are you waiting for?” FLAVORPILL

Stewart and Sharma apply a romantic, wide-reaching touch to sounds that have been rattling around in the underground for a minute now, breathing new life into the ghost in bass music's machine.” PITCHFORK

Taking emotional escapism to another dancefloor universe” URB

Sepalcure’s bass music, like that of James Blake doesn’t come from the “testosterone-driven environments” that have inspired much of American bass. Sepalcure’s music comes from a moodier, darker place—and probably one with more caviar.” CMJ

a beautiful collection of tunes that winds its way among dubstep, house, drum ’n' bass and the indescribable” TIME OUT NEW YORK

Darren Aronofsky picked up one track for the club scene in his film Black Swan. Now their debut album has the potential to be the soundtrack to your next love affair.” MAGNIFER – Google Artist of The Week

a group supremely adept at transforming their love of “90s diva house vocals and wooden snares into beautifully swirling ostensible UK bass music...there’s something mysterious about Sepalcure.” THE FADER

the soundtrack to all things endearing, engaging and evocative” SELF TITLED

In this exceptionally diverse set, the duo merge the ecstatic character associated with rave and deep house with a crate-digging sensibility emblematic of instrumental hip-hop.” TEXTURA

There’s a real warmth to the Sepalcure sound” TIME OUT NEW YORK

There's so much going on, all of it so intricately plotted and clean, that you're left to wonder: by the time the rest of the electronic community catches up, what will Sepalcure be onto next?” BOSTON PHOENIX

futuristic, organic, timeless and current” URB

In the constantly shifting world of bass music-- where trends seem to expire about as quickly as a quart of milk-- Sepalcure's style is comparatively formalist. Producers Praveen Sharma and Travis Stewart make music that draws from sounds that should be familiar to those vaguely aware of the genre's hallmarks: pitched vocal samples, skittering footwork rhythms, the easy gait of UK garage, IDM's all-at-once franticness. As such, their excellent self-titled debut LP is inviting as it breathes romantic, rosy-cheeked new life into styles that some may have written off as old hat.” PITCHFORK

an overwhelmingly memorable dance record” EXCLAIM

“Sepalcure...has found access to a never-ending number of pockets hidden within this world of emotionally tinged, post-everything beats—effectively creating an album that feels naturally cohesive “ XLR8R

Sepalcure’s bass music, like that of James Blake, doesn’t come from the “testosterone-driven environments” that have inspired much of American bass. Sepalcure’s music comes from a moodier, darker place—and probably one with more caviar.” CMJ

there’s an unmistakably psychedelic but tender feel established by the two industrious heads at the mixing board that proves both refreshing and resonant” POPMATTERS

Sepalcure seems to string all of these timbres and sub-sub-genres into a physically and emotionally bewitching take on post-everything dance music.” RESIDENT ADVISOR

the two producers have found their own sophisticated place within the complex world of contemporary electronic music by crafting a full-length that can satisfy headphone nerds and bass-hungry club-goers alike, without diluting the experience for either.” XLR8R


07.19: The Drake, Toronto, ON
07.20: 1015 Folsom, San Francisco, CA
07.21: The Warm Up PS1/MoMA, New York, NY
07.21: 287 Kent, New York, NY
07.23: Deep Space / Cielo, New York, NY
07.28: What The Festival, White River Canyon, Tygh Valley, OR
08.03: Bass Coast Project, Squamish, BC

New April Single

Cat#: SEP002
Release Date: April 17th 2012

A1 – Eternally Yrs
A2 – Hold On (Trevino Remix)
B1 – Don’t Cry
B2 – The One (Kevin McPhee Remix)

Sepalcure follow up last year's critically acclaimed LP on Hotflush Recordings with a new EP featuring remixes from Kevin McPhee and Trevino (a.k.a. Marcus Intalex), alongside one previously released album cut and one original track.

Eternally Yrs', originally featured on the LP, makes another appearance on side A, followed up by Trevino's (Intalex's moniker for his techno and house projects) upbeat and melodic remix of 'Hold On'. On the flip, Toronto rising star McPhee turns the classic house sounds of 'The One' into a crackly, technodriven subbass tune. Finally, the emotive 'Don't Cry' hits hard with the trademark staccato bass and processed vocals that Seplacure have come to be known for.

Press Contact: Gamall Awad - Backspin Promotions
Email: g(AT)